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About us


Kingdom Life Chapel International (KLCI) is a Dynamic, Multicultural, Charismatic, Vibrant and Exciting Christian Ministry.


KLCI is commissioned to reach out to individuals, our communities and nations with the Love of God and the glorious gospel of the kingdom through a Holistic Approach. Matthew 24:14

As a thriving international mission oriented church, we are committed to helping individuals, communities and nations through humanitarian assistance and support, with Gods message of Love, Hope, Salvation, Healing and Blessings.

It is our desire to raise responsible kingdom citizens and ambassadors for kingdom advancement and to empower individuals spiritually, emotionally and psychologically to discover kingdom keys and principles to develop, advance and effectively fulfil their God-given Divine Destinies. Matthew 16:19

Senior Pastor & General Overseer of KLCI Missions

Rev. Joseph Osborn is the general overseer of KLCI and its missions. He is an Apostle with a dynamic preaching and teaching ministry. A worshipper and prayer revivalist for his generation, an anointed man of God, called to reach out to the nations and individuals with the glorious gospel of the kingdom.


God has commissioned him to take preaching, healing and deliverance to the nations, and to raise an army of Kingdom Prayer Force for God's manifest glory and visitation upon our nations, communities and in the lives of individuals.


Rev. Osborn is called with a passion to equip and develop individuals with kingdom principles that would challenge and enable them to pursue, achieve and fulfil their God-given destinies. He is also the director of K-Life Developments Services (KLDS).


Rev Osborn is married to first lady Mrs Louisa Osborn, Leader of Kingdom Women, with two children Jeremiah and Elizabeth Daisy. 

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