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Kingdom Life Chapel International is a Christian ministry called to the task of the great commission as set out by our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28: 18-22). 


We are commissioned to establish churches and encourage strong churches consisting of kingdom citizens (disciples of Christ) whose lives are firmly rooted and founded upon the solid rock of the revelation of the Lordship of Christ Jesus and the glorious kingdom of God. 


We are mandated by God to help and encourage individuals to discover kingdom keys and principles for effective divine destiny fulfilment (Matthew 16:19). 

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We are committed to the mandate of making disciples for the kingdom and dedicated to the development of the total man. 


We have captured our vision into a short but effective and dynamic vision slogan "Developing Lives, Fulfilling Divine Destinies". 


With the spirit of excellence as our guiding key, our prayer is that we be:

  • A kingdom oriented church

  • A word based, bible believing church

  • A worshipping and prayerful church

  • A Christ centred church

  • A global mission-minded church

  • A Holy Spirit and Holy led church

  • An educational and ministerial training church

  • A blessed church

  • A Holy church

  • A community-based church

  • A family oriented church

  • Multicultural and open to all building for the generations​​​

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