KCEC 2006

Kingdom Life Chapel International Church Community was privileged to have Dr Maliki and Rev Dr Manu Benjamin as the guest preachers during our 2006 convention. Their message centred on the fact that many Christians are not operating in the fullness of God partly because of the ineffectiveness in dealing with problems. It was explained that problems are tools that Christians need to manifest the Victorious nature of God in them, but inadequate knowledge of problem solving tools cause Christians to fall away from the plan(s) of God.

Rev Dr Edward Abu Maliki

Rev. Edward Abu Maliki is a Senior Minister at Highland Church in Surrrey, UK. He has a PHD in Clinical Psychology and is a well experienced lecturer. Married to Megan Maliki, Rev. Abu Maliki is a seasoned relationship and marriage counsellor, and often focuses his preaching on how to build and maintain Godly relationships in order to advance the kingdom.


Rev Dr Manu Benjamin

Rev Benjamin Manu is a motivational speaker, marriage counsellor, church planter, leadership and wealth trainer dedicated to teaching the true word of God almighty. Rev Manu is always thankful God intervened in his life at a time when he considered taking his own life due to severe struggles related to family problems and ill health. 
The goodness and love of God has encouraged Rev Manu to travel extensively round the globe encouraging believers to apply the principles of the true word of God in every area of their lives.